Shopping Seiko Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th & NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Men copy watch SBGC229 for sale

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Shopping Seiko Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th & NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Men copy watch SBGC229 for sale

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Watchmaker's Paradise Looking for extraordinary watches. The selection cleverly blends design codes: classic, modern and unique complexity.

HYT, skull bad boy, 151-DL-43-NF-AS
“HYT was established in 2012, while absorbing traditional watchmaking expertise, it created the most advanced timepiece. Like all HYT works, time is displayed using two retrograde liquids, one in color and the other. The species is transparent. The composition of these liquids is still a closely guarded secret, which may cost tens of millions of Swiss francs per liter, and this new (black) color will take 12 months to develop. Limited edition of 50 pieces, It truly expresses the personality of the brand: bold and moving. It is aimed at customers who cannot pay on time. "

Tourbillon's administrative skeleton Ulysse Nardin, 1712-139
“The Executive series got rid of the classic design of Ulysse Nardin watches, and its skeletonized dial adopts a modern, simple style, which makes the internal gear transmission unobstructed. The core of the series is the skeletonized tourbillon, equipped with an internally made flying tourbillon, featuring 7-day power reserve with manual winding and silicon escapement. Ulysse Nardin is the first manufacturer to master the performance of this non-magnetic, extremely wear-resistant material. In addition, the extremely smooth surface of silicon eliminates the need for lubricants , Thereby reducing the amount of maintenance required. The pinnacle of design and technology. "

Franck Muller, Cintrée Curvex Crazy, hours, 8880 CH COL AC
"The Franck Muller brand is known for the luxurious style of its work. Genevese watchmakers combine this famous barrel-shaped case Cintrée Curvex with Crazy Hours complication. The hours on the guilloche dial are not pressed. The sequential display makes the development of time-hopping complexity more technically complicated. Therefore, the hour hand “jumps” from one area of ​​the dial to another area, while the minute hand performs traditional rotation. A technically superior wrist with unparalleled style table."

Blancpain (Quantiemeperpétuel), 8 weeks, 6659-3431-55B
"The oldest and most classic brand in the series is definitely Blancpain. With this perpetual calendar, one of the most famous complications in high-level watchmaking, the watchmaking factory established in 1735 showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of its watchmakers The timepiece will display the correct date until 2100, and take into account the annual (including leap year). It also has a moon phase and eight-day power reserve. The magnificent feu enamel dial adds elegance to the watch. "

Urwerk, UR-210Y
"To comply with the futuristic identity, a limited edition of 75 pieces, Urwerk showed the vision of its two founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei. Combined with its flagship movement," satellite "(display time), retrograde minutes, power reserve indication This watch is full of technology. The winding efficiency indicator is the world ’s first: if the wearer stays still for too long, the pointer will move towards the red area. Then, you can wind the winding The regulator (located on the back of the watch) is placed in the "full" position to maximize the energy generated by the smallest movement of the wrist. If you want, you can use a non-electronic smart watch! "

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